Mourneabbey Parish

Mourneabbey (in Gaelic MAinstir Na Morna) is a small parish just south of Mallow, County Cork on the main Mallow Cork Road and Rail Line. The population of the parish is about 1,000 people. There are two churches and schools in the area, Analeentha and Burnfort.

The parish has a colourful history. The abbey was built in the early 1200s by the Knights Hospitaller. This abbey now lies in ruins as does Barrett's Castle, which belonged to the Desmond FitzGeralds before being destroyed by Cromwell's forces, ca. 1651. The parish also played a major role in the Irish War of Independence. A failed ambush of British forces occurred there near the Abbey where eight volunteers lost their lives. Tomás Mac Curtain, former Lord Mayor of Cork who was murdered by British forces in 1921, was also from the parish of Mourneabbey.

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